Diving Credentials: Sports Diving is an activity with inherent risks, mitigated with training and certifications.

In Baja California, like in the rest of the world, to be able to dive with established dive operators, tourists have to show proof of their diving level of certification and the of experience in the type of submarine environment where they intend to dive, and they have to show their Cards, all certifying agencies cards are accepted.

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Some to the questions the tourists will be asked are:
  • Name.
  • Age.
  • Certifying Agency Name.
  • Level of Certification.
  • Card Number.
  • Total Number of dives made to date.
  • Date and environment of last dive.

Aproximate dives made in the environment where they intend to dive, particularly Number of cold water dives.

Addittionally tourists will ver required to sign a waiver in the event of a Diving or Diving related accident.

Legal requirements to temporarly import Diving and photographic equipment and vehicles and Immigration requirements for Foreigners.


The main objective of this information is to help fulfill different laws and regulations, as well as tips for having a great experience in Baja California. In this sense we make the following recommendations:

Any support requested to the State Ministry of Tourism, for crossing of equipment, articles or vehicles must be performed with ten days in advance.

No trucks are allowed to cross the checkpoint "El Chaparral" in Tijuana, BC.

It is not permitted to cross diesel or gasoline, except the one included in tank of the vehicle.

It is not allowed the crossing of wood.

It is not allowed the excessive crossing of articles for vehicle repairs. (Tires, spare parts, etc.)

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