Sharing a border with both California and Arizona, Baja for decades has been a magnet for tourists seeking immersion in a different culture, outdoor adventure, fine food, plus breathtaking scenery and natural resources.

Baja also has been a magnet for those who came to visit doctors, dentists, cosmetic surgeons, pharmacies, weight loss specialists and to seek alternative and holistic treatments. Now, the most sophisticated treatments are in the mix, for cancer, heart problems and other diseases. Many of its health care practitioners are U.S. trained and many speak English. Some are world leaders in their specialties.

With leading-edge technology and state-of-the art facilities, Baja’s medical and dental centers treat patients from all over the world. Baja welcomes more than one million visitors a year for an extensive range of specialties and services, a number that is growing rapidly.

Why choose Baja California as your Medical Destination?

  • Quality healthcare services
  • Certified Hospitals and clinics by international healthcare organizations.
  • Doctors affiliated to Mexican and American medical associations.
  • Quick medical attention in Mexico, compared to the United States or Canada.
  • Hospitals and health providers that accept American medical insurance.
  • Bilingual doctors and hospital staff.
  • Medical lane at international border.
  • Hotels with with recovery rooms and food prepared according to doctor’s indications.
  • Lower prices for medical procedures, compared to the United States or Canada.