Functions of the National Immigration Institute

Regulate issues relating to the entry and exit of Mexicans and foreigners into the territory of Mexico.

Regulate the residence of foreigners in national territory, within a framework of respect, protection and safeguarding of the human rights.

Art. 1 Immigration Law

For entering the country, foreigners must present in the filter of Immigration revision the following documents:

  • Passport or identity travel document that is valid in accordance with existing international law, and
  • When it’s required, visa validly issued and in force, in terms of Article 40 of the Immigration Act; or
  • Residence card or permit for staying in the condition of regional visitors, visitor frontier worker or visitor on humanitarian grounds.
Art. 37 Immigration Law

Request your multiple immigration form as a visitor without permission for paid activities, up to 180 days in the admission point where you get in into the country or from your country of origin electronically on the following link:

If the stay in Mexico is less than or equal to 7 days, the payment of fees (DNR) will not be charged.

If the stay is longer than 7 days you should cover the payment of allowances by bank transfer, should make the process electronically, or at Banjercito at the point of admission.

Although multiple migratory forms are made electronically, the foreigner must go to a point of entry to be documented as well as get the stamp by the National Institute of Immigration in your passport and FMM.

(The validity of the FMM starts from the date of the Immigration stamp)

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