Certified Adventure Pro Guides

What is it?

Program created with the purpose of strengthening the offer of services that attend the activities that take place outdoors, in wild and / or inhospitable areas, through specialized guides who professionally attend and understand the competitive standards that are They demand in this industry, both in the aspects of development of differentiated experiences, responsibility with the environment, social sensitivity, as well as the technical and security requirements that become a priority for the enjoyment of the tourist product offered.


That the tourist servers dedicated to the specialized guide in some modality of Adventure Tourism, may have an official support that identifies them as professionals of the industry in Baja California.

Get to know Baja California through amazing canyons, roads and trails, is to come into direct contact with nature; It is undoubtedly another incredible way to discover its varied physiography, an abundant and varied flora and fauna, with some endemic species, as well as historical places. You will find unimaginable places where you can camp, you can even create your own route.

Through the following Certified Adventure Pro Guides, you can choose the route that is most attractive to you.






Folio Certified Phone Email Facebook
Fernando Cristóbal Jáuregui González CAP-0001-2019 Senderismo   Excursionismo (664) 8016559 Send mail Visit page
Javier Chávez Osuna CAP-0002-2019 Senderismo (664) 3756497 Send mail Visit page
Ricardo Avilés Camberos CAP-0003-2019 Excursionismo (619) 5714382 Send mail Visit page
Karla Castillo Avila CAP-0004-2019 Excursionismo (664) 4847871 Send mail Visit page
Carlos Eduardo Cerda Magaña CAP-0005-2019 Senderismo (686) 5434030 Send mail Visit page
Aldo Daniel Gutierrez Basulto CAP-0006-2019 Senderismo   Excursionismo (686) 9463350 Send mail Visit page
Jaime Adrián Chiquito Rodríguez CAP-0007-2019 Cañonismo (664) 1848489 Send mail Visit page
Georgina Solórzano Gavaldón CAP-0008-2019 Cañonismo (646) 1943953 Send mail
Antonio Olivares Guijarro CAP-0009-2019 Excursionismo (664) 3702105 Send mail Visit page
Nicolás Ortega Hérnandez CAP-00010-2019 Cañonismo (646) 1327435 Send mail Visit page
Alejandro Solís Morán CAP-0011-2019 Cañonismo (646) 1973984 Send mail Visit page
Anna Lucia López Avedoy CAP-0012-2020 Senderismo   Trekking   Cañonismo (664) 205 3891 Send mail Visit page
Octavio Guzmán Pérez CAP-0013-2020 Senderismo (646) 239 1201 Send mail Visit page
Isaac Ayala Chavarría CAP-0014-2020 Senderismo (661) 850 1614 Send mail Visit page
Rigoberto Nieto Chaidez CAP-0015-2020 Senderismo (664) 433 5404  Send mail  Visit page
Anthony Soberanes Castro CAP-0016-2020 Senderismo (664) 357 7866 Send mail  Visit page
Miguel Ángel Abarca Galeana CAP-0017-2020 Senderismo (664) 201 7232 Send mail Visit page
José Adrián López Cisneros CAP-0018-2020 Senderismo (646) 151 9747 Send mail Visit page
Pablo Edgar Hernández Santos CAP-0019-2020 Senderismo (664) 801 6559 Send mail Visit page
Ignacio Alfredo Martínez Luna CAP-0020-2020 Senderismo (664) 178 7064 Send mail Visit page
Rene García Hinojosa CAP-0021-2020 Senderismo (664) 364 5617 Send mail Visit page
Daniel García Alegre CAP-0022-2020 Cañonismo Send mail
Daniel Ramírez Rosillo CAP-0023-2020 Senderismo (664) 480 5066 Send mail Visit page
Mariana Delgado Fernandez CAP-0024-2020 Senderismo (664) 374 4232  Send mail Visit page
Cesar Rivera González CAP-0025-2020 Senderismo (661) 850 1774 Send mail Visit page
Rosendo Mederos Núñez CAP-0026-2020 Senderismo (664) 1748446 Send mail Visit page
Julio Cesar Tique García CAP-0027-2020 Senderismo (664) 8173749  Send mail Visit page
Humberto Escobar Escobar CAP-0028-2020 Senderismo (664) 590 3485 Send mail Visit page
Edgar Rosario Gonzalez Carrasco CAP-0029-2020 Senderismo (664) 386 8701 Send mail Visit page
Victor Gerardo Leon Luna CAP-0030-2020 Senderismo (646) 947 8888 Send mail Visit page
Carlos Bravo Ochoa CAP-0031-2020 Senderismo (664) 130 1964 Send mail Visit page
María Luisa Valenzuela Sánchez CAP-0032-2020 Senderismo (664) 407 2389 Send mail Visit page
Jesús Humberto Diáz Solís CAP-0033-2020 Senderismo (664) 696 5463 Send mail Visit page
Javier Sandoval Ornelas CAP-0034-2020 Senderismo (664) 330 0941 Send mail Visit page